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Rise Up offers a lighthearted and celebratory overview of stilting and the benefit of raising one’s perspective. Longtime stilter Marc McGinnes, who has perfected his art over 40 years in the Santa Barbara’s Solstice Parade, has created a wonderful and inspirational guide/memoir that shows how a small investment in a pair of stilts can translate into a lifetime of fun and joy.

Marc McGinnes has been spreading joy from on high since 1975, when he first encountered stilts and fell in love with stiltwalking. He has taught stiltwalkers of all ages to stride with confidence. His teaching ability is rooted in his experience as a father raising two stilting sons and two stilting grandchildren, as well as his long academic career at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where he helped to create the Environmental Studies Program. McGinnes has also pursued parallel careers as an nvironmental lawyer and legal ecologist. He led the founding of the Community Environmental Council (CEC) of Santa Barbara and the Environmental Defense Center (EDC), a public-interest law firm. His workshops on “Practicing Law as a Healing Art” were influential in the growth of the mediation movement within the legal profession. McGinnes continues to teach as a UCSB Lecturer Emeritus, and looks forward to the Solstice Parade.

“For many years, Marc has served our community in high office, and yet he hasn't had to stand for election even once. What's his secret?”

Mayor Helene Schneider, City of Santa Barbara


“Marc’s startling entry into my courtroom on stilts stands out as one of the funniest events in 20 years on the bench.”

Hon. James M. Slater, Judge, Santa Barbara Superior Court (ret.)

“Marc has been inspiring us for years with his powerful spirit in the Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration, always colorful, always beaming with joy! Thanks for your inspiration, my kindred, high-heeled brother.”

Michael Andrews, Executive Artistic Director, Boxtales Theatre Company

"Marc is the Solstice beacon; seeing him on his stilts at the beginning of the parade reassured me that onec again the parade would go well. I love his bending low for our traditional kiss."

Claudia Bratton, Executive Director of SB Summer Solstie Celebration, 1999-2015

"Thank you, Marc, for dancing up in the air and inspiring us all."

Steven Lovelace, Solstice Artistic Director, 1996-99

"Whimsical performance art. Marc, you're a legend in your own time. Iconic mythos."

Mark Stringer, Author, My Book of Dreams

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