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Marc's new comic character

Former student Max Schultz has found a new way to share the message about response-ability to our environment, by creating a new comic book with a familiar character, "Master Reishi". He used the ecology flag that Marc likes to wave at Earth Day celebrations as his belt buckle.

"Hope you don't mind, but I've based one of my comic characters on you. We're doing an enviro/hope-based message for a comic book. I got a lot of inspiration from you and your class so I wanted to pay homage. I plan on making change in the way I know best and I hope others can too.

"All we can do is the best we can do. It requires self-love, a dedication to a better world and serving others. Thanks for all of the lessons. Hope is the major theme in this as well, as I didn't want to be another doom and gloomer. Fear will only corrupt our efforts from the inside out, and if we let that become reality, then we've lost the fight before it's even begun."

Max Schultz,

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